Beamore #2

Completion Date: April 2017
Floor Area: 115sqm/1230sqft
Contractor: Cromwell Construction
Architectural Team: Turlough McKevitt, Adrian King & Trevor Byrne

Project Description

In the 1980s we designed a red brick dwelling on the Beamore Road in Drogheda and recently we returned to design a 2-storey extension for the next generation of the same family. Set amidst a beautiful mature garden the extension pulls the dwelling closer to the landscape. The palette of materials is rich in tectonics and include brick, timber and zinc which are appropriate for the garden environment. The brick is stacked in part which allows the joints and the standing seam cladding to unite visually. At first floor level angled windows, similar to those the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto used in his designs, ensure light can enter into the upstairs rooms while at the same time retaining privacy. Clerestory glazing over the new living room adds additional volume to this space while at the same time allowing dappled light to enter through the leafy garden creating different atmospheres and temperatures internally as the sun moves around the house.