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Books and Literature we use!

On a day to day basis we use many interesting and informative books and journals in the office. We have an extensive library of books including technical books documenting how to detail a building to glossy coffee table style books showcasing some of the most beautiful builds of Ireland and around the globe. Below, in no particular order, is a list of some of the most accessed books that we use...

Neufert Architects Data
Now in its 5th edition its 'An indispensable tool for the beginning stages of designing and planning a building project'!

The Housing Design Handbook
'Bringing together a wealth of experience from a wide range of housing experts, this completely revised edition of The Housing Design Handbook provides an authoritative, comprehensive and systematic guide to best practice in what is perhaps the most contentious and complex field of architectural design.'

Architects Pocket Book
'This handy pocket book brings together a wealth of useful information that architects need on a daily basis - on-site or in the studio. Also in its 5th edition it includes the updating of regulations, standards and sources across a wide range of topics.'

The RIAI Good Practice Guide
'The RIAI's flagship document in RIAI Member services to Architects and Architectural Practices. The Good Practice Guide is the key RIAI publication providing guidance to Members on running projects and practices.'

Homebond - House Building Manual - 7th Edition
'This manual is an essential reference for those who are designing and/or certifying house construction, for the builder or developer and the foreman and craftsman on site.'

Irish Wheelchair Association - Best Practice Guidlines
'The 4th edition of Irish Wheelchair Association’s ‘Best Practice Access Guidelines: Designing Accessible Environments’ is available below and coincides with our 60th anniversary. Our Access Guidelines set the standard for accessibility in Ireland across construction, housing, public amenities, retail, tourism, hospitality and sport.'

RIAI Architects Code of Conduct
'The Architects' Code of Conduct sets out the responsibilities of Architects to the public, clients, employers and colleagues. Architects are expected to be guided in their practice of the profession by the spirit of the code as well as by its express terms.'

The Architect in Practice
'While the content of the book has developed, the message and philosophy has remained constant: to provide students of architecture and young practitioners with a readable guide to the profession, outlining an architect's duties to their client and contractor, the key aspects of running a building contract, and the essentials of management, finance and drawing office procedure.'

Metric Handbook - Planning and Design Data
'The Metric Handbook is the major handbook of planning and design data for architects and architecture students. Covering basic design data for all the major building types it is the ideal starting point for any project.'

The Honeywood File
'In this richly comic classic, first published in the 1920s, the pitfalls and vicissitudes of home building are presented in sharp and unforgettable detail, in the form of letters to and from the architect, a hapless young man named James Spin-love, who, in his valiant attempts to create the Honeywood mansion for Sir Leslie Brash, encounters a motley collection of contractors, surveyors, plumbers and town planners, to say nothing of intensely litigious lawyers, and Sir Leslie Brash himself, along with his good lady. This book follows the rich tradition of wry English humour. It also contains a great deal of valuable and still pertinent information about building a house.'

Irish Period Houses A Conservation Guidance Manual
'Irish Period Houses – A Conservation Guidance Manual is a complete revision of the previous edition of Period Houses, printed in 2001, which was a pioneering manual for best practice repair and maintenance of period houses in Dublin.'

Atlas of the Irish Rural Landscape
'A pioneering volume in increasing appreciation of the Irish landscape as a crucial component of national heritage.'

Lime Works Using Lime in Traditional and New Buildings
'Lime Works is an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use guide to the many uses of lime in building, including repairs of historic structures and new buildings.'

Meath Rural House Design Guidelines
'Meath County Council commissioned this document in order to positively encourage the application of good siting and design principals to new single house development in the countryside'

Irish Building regulations and technical guidance documents
'Technical Guidance Documents are published to accompany each part of the Building Regulations indicating how the requirements of that part can be achieved in practice. Adherence to the approach outlined in a Technical Guidance Document is regarded, as evidence of compliance with the requirements of the relevant part of the Building Regulations.'

The RIAI Contracts; Building and the Law

by McKevitt King Architects

Books and Literature we use!

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