Drogheda Grammar School

Completion Date: August 2012
Floor Area: 2400sqm / 25800sqft
Contractor: Manley Construction
Architectural Team: Turlough McKevitt & Jim MacArdle
Drogheda Grammar School

Project Description

An extension to the Drogheda Grammar School that includes 13 classrooms and associated ancillary spaces. The new building sits on high ground at the top of a stepped site above the older school buildings. Its elevated position perches it on a level with the playing fields allowing the building address the open space. Access is located centrally in the linear 2-storey form with all the light filled circulation space radiating from this entrance hall. The new extension is linked with the older school buildings which were also partially renovated as part of the project. This project is the latest collaboration between McKevitt Architects and the school, with a working relationship dating back to the 1980s.